Arhanta Yoga Ashram India

Become Part of Our traditional yoga school to learn yoga, pranayama & meditation in the ancient 'gurukula' system

The Arhanta Yoga Ashram India is a traditional yoga training school following the 'Gurukula' system. The Yoga ashram, spanning over 17 acres of lush green land, situated amidst beautiful serene nature, surrounded by hills, forests,  endless fields and meadows is located near Khajuraho.   Khajuraho is an ancient city, also known as the City of Temples, in Madhya Pradesh, India. The natural beauty and varied landscaping of the region make it a unique location for an ashram. At our ashram, you can experience professional Yoga teacher training. If you are simply looking for an ashram experience you can join our Yoga Vacation.

Arhanta Yoga Ashram India

The life at our yoga ashram is simple and focused only on the teachings and your spiritual growth rather than on the comforts of normal daily life. It is important to understand that an ashram is minimalist in facilities and does not offer luxuries like a hotel. We provide a calm environment to experience the yogic lifestyle and focus on self-reflection and growth.

The Arhanta Yoga ashram India is the perfect place to follow a spiritual practice. It provides a peaceful, serene and secluded environment where you can focus entirely on your physical, mental, and spiritual growth, rejuvenation and an inspiring learning experience. The quiet and peaceful environment gives you the chance to renounce your material dependencies and to bring your focus within. At the same time it allows you to connect with the beautiful nature around you, experiencing a deep connection with the creation. The secluded and beautiful location promotes clarity and self-reflection that helps to go deeper into your yoga and meditation practice.

Arhanta Yoga Ashram India Facilities

  • Simple and clean accommodation with a choice of single rooms and double shared rooms.
  • All rooms have attached bathrooms, and are equipped with western toilet and cold showers.
  • Hot water is available 24 hours during the winter season
  • All windows and beds have mosquito nets installed
  • Two large yoga halls covering more than 220 square meters and 170 square meters
  • Three pure vegetarian meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and herbal tea
  • RO filtered safe drinking water
  • Simple ashram shop (Yoga mats, meditation cushions, shawls, toiletries and more at actual cost prices) 
  • Limited internet is available (the speed and connectivity is dependent on the service provider as well as many other factors)
  • International phone facility is available
  • Doctor on call facility
  • Airport pick up and drop off facility
Yoga Ashram India Rooms
Yoga Ashram India Garden

What to Bring to the Ashram?

  • Comfortable clothing for yoga asana class. You will be provided two pairs of uniform for theory classes
  • Comfortable walking shoes for early morning walks
  • Layers of warm clothing for in the mornings and at night
  • Light and breathable clothes
  • Comfortable slippers for outside
  • Separate slippers and socks inside the room
  • Shoes for early morning walks
  • Mosquito cream
  • Working wrist watch with second’s hand for How to teach classes (mandatory)
  • Battery operated alarm clock
  • Torch / flashlight for early morning walks
  • Writing materials (pen, pencil, markers, notebook etc)
  • Personal toiletries and towels
  • Yoga mat, cushion. (Also available at ashram shop for a reasonable price)
  • Blanket for yoga practice (preferable a fleece or cotton plaid of about 130 x 170 cm – also available at ashram shop for a reasonable price)
  • Meditation shawl for morning meditations
  • Extra blanket or sleeping bag for the colder nights
Yoga Teacher Training India
Hatha Yoga Ashram School in India

Yoga Ashram Rules

Yoga means bringing discipline to the body, mind and soul. Although, we don't like to impose strict rules, we would like to remind you the rules and regulations of our Yoga school in India exist to guarantee utmost spiritual benefits and are part of the Yogic lifestyle.

  • During a yoga teacher training, 100% attendance to all the courses is mandatory. Students must follow the schedule and assist in all the classes, lectures, and other activities of the school.
  • Students of a yoga teacher training cannot leave the ashram (except on the day off), in case of an emergency, leaving the ashram is only possible with the written permission of the Course Coordinator.
  • The use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs are strictly forbidden during your stay at the ashram.
  • The strict schedule and the diet we offer will make sure you benefit maximum from the course; students are expected to adjust to this schedule and diet as soon as possible.
  • We advise you not to bring any valuable things. If necessary it is possible to store your valuables safely in the ashram.
  • We ask you to inform the ashram administration immediately in case of any physical problem.
  • You are allowed to bring medication to continue a certain treatment, but we advise you to inform the ashram administration and your teacher beforehand
  • The meals in our Yoga school are strictly vegetarian and it is not allowed to bring food from outside into the ashram. 
  • During breakfast and lunch we preserve strict silence.
  • Participation in the daily Karma Yoga for one hour a day is mandatory.
Yoga Ashram Celebration

How to Reach?

Arhanta Ashram in India is easily accessible being just 14 km from Khajuraho airport and 20 km from the train station.  There are daily flights and trains from New Delhi, Varanasi and Agra to Khajuraho. Pick-up and drop -off facilities are offered to all students on the first and last day of the course. Individual transportation from the airport and train station can be also arranged.

International students can first arrive at New Delhi airport (IGI airport) and from there take a domestic flight or train to Khajuraho. Please contact us is you need assistance finding alternative routes.

Arhanta Yoga Ashram India

Village Bansarai, P.O. Onta Purwa (via Bamitha)
District Chhatarpur,Madhya Pradesh 471105, India

Phone: +91 7011723320

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Yoga ashram?

A yoga ashram is a residential school to learn yoga, mediation and related practices. 

How is a yoga ashram different from a regular yoga studio?

You go to a yoga ashram to get an immersive experience of yogic lifestyle. You live there for a number of days as a part of the ashram community and the teachers family. 

What is the benefit of learning yoga at an ashram?

A yoga ashram provides a distraction free atmosphere to fully focus on the learning process. The minimalistic setting helps to do inner work and reflect with clarity.

What Can I learn at arhanta yoga ashram in India?

At our yoga ashram you can follow month long classical yoga teacher training courses. If you wish to come for a shorter period you can come and stay as a yoga vacation guest.

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