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75-hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

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Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Become a certified and confident Restorative Yoga teacher at your own schedule. Complete the course at your own pace. This premium online course is created by Lucia Seglie with her 10 years of teaching experience and with more than 800 hours Hatha Yoga and therapeutic yoga teaching experience.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Course Online

What you will get

You will get exclusive course materials that has been developed through years of teaching and learning experience. Our Restorative Yoga instructor certification course gives you unlimited access to:

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Class Recordings

Printable Notes

Discussion Group

Practical Assignments


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What will you learn

Here is an overview of what you will learn in this 75-Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training course:

  • Learn and understand the concept of Restorative Yoga
  • 30 restorative asanas in detail, including variations, benefits and corrections
  • Learn how to use props effectively
  • Therapeutic Restorative Yoga applications
  • Discover the latest scientific research about the benefit of deep relaxations, mindfulness and stress consequences
  • Teach the specific pranayama for restorative class
  • Learn new tools to teach deep relaxation classes
  • Learn how to create a specific de-stress classes for busy life
  • Understand a specific ancient sutras related to Restorative philosophy
  • Learn how to teach Restorative Yoga on-line/remotely with home support system
  • Special relaxation and breathing exercises
  • How to renew and recharge your-self with the Restorative Yoga practice

Here’s what people are saying about the course


Fitness Instructor

"I am studying the online Restorative course. I am really very happy! The teacher is available, attentive, humane and she manages to create a truly relaxed and pleasant atmosphere during the course and for my self recorded class. Her explanations are clear. Highly recommended! Restorative Yoga is helping me to improve my classes and my professional carrier."



"I took the Restorative Yoga course with Lucia, my teacher, she opened a new world to me. Her lessons are a journey of physical and mental well-being, and a time when one can have an introspection. If you try it, you won't be able to do without it. Exceptional experience. Professional videos, shots suitable for online learning. Excellent support even after the course, till today if I have any questions or doubts i can reach to her very easily."


Yoga Teacher

"Lucia is really fantastic, the course is well done and very professional. She is very prepared, empathic and available. She transmits a passion for discipline and accompanies you with sweetness and calm on a path of discovery and personal growth, especially in such a delicate phase of life we are living now."

Restorative Ebook

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What’s inside the course

Click to see what each module is about:

Section A


1. What is Restorative Yoga?

→ Teacher presentation

→ Presentation of the course  

→ Practice description

→ Why to practice Restorative Yoga?

→ Why it is different from other yoga practices?

2. Key Principles of Restorative Yoga

→ The body is completely relaxed

→ The body is more covered to be warm

→ Important alignment clues for Pregnancy Yoga

→ The eyes may be covered

→ The space is more quiet

3. History of Restorative Yoga

→ A brief history of yoga in the west

→ Time line of yoga in the west

→ B.K.S Iyengar roots: a modern practice with ancient roots

→ Judith Hanson Lasater Phd PT

→ Restorative Yoga philosophy

→ Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Application in Restorative Yoga 

4. Benefits of Restorative Yoga

→ Scientific research

→ The antidote to stress

→ Support physical well- being

Support mental well-being

→ Increase tranquility

→ Improves memory, concentration and mental clarity

→ Soothes the nervous system

→ Regulates the blood pressure

→ Excellent support in pregnancy, menopause and menstruation

→ Support the body in case of recovery from illness

→ Excellent support in case of trauma

5. Therapeutic Application of Restorative Yoga

→Improves sleep

→ Build emotional balance

→ Soothing anxiety and depression

→ Alleviate headaches

→ Attenuates female gynecological disorder

→ Unlock chronic stomach problems

6. Common and Special Yoga Props You Need for  Restorative Practice

→ List of props and suggested materials

→ Special way to use blankets

→ What do you really need in your studio?

→ What do your students need at their home?

7. The 20 minutes Restorative Shavasana practice  

→ Preparation sequence of active yoga poses

→ The 60 minutes practice to recover from fatigue

8. Self Journal for Your Self Practice  

Section B

Important Principles of Restorative Yoga Practice

1. Ahimsa 

→ Ancient Philosophy: Nyam and Yam principles

2. Nervous System: How Can Restorative Yoga Support the Parasympathetic Nervous System?

→ Understanding the nature of the mind

→ Consequences of stress

Adrenaline topic

Dopamine topic

→ Mindfulness to help self-acceptance

→ Mind-emotion connection

→ Restorative for the parasympathetic nervous system

→ Anatomy and scientific resource of the nervous system

3. How to Set the Intention for Restorative Yoga? 

→ Adopt self-reflection

→ Abandon expectations

→ Create a routine for your practice with a specific goal

4. Special Head and Neck Support Attention

→ The importance of the neck alignment for breathing

→ Head support to increase concentration

5. Pranayama for Restorative Yoga

→ Introduction: why it so important to focus on the breath for restorative yoga?

→ Guide and pull the student to stay on the breath by counting the breaths

→ Teach how to control the monkey mind and stay present

→ How to teach Full Yogic Breath + 20 minutes practice for 1 week

→ How to teach Ujjayi breath  + 20 minutes practice for 1 week

→ Back-banding: breath on the back of your lungs practice + 15 minutes practice for 1 week

→ Long exhalation why and when + 15 minutes practice for 1 week

6. Self Journal for Self Practice Pranayama

7. Restorative Yoga General Holding Time

→ Recommended holding time for each Asana’s family and why

Section C

The Six Restorative Posture Groups

1. Restorative Foundation Supported Asana: head above the heart

Supported Bound Angle Pose:

→ Supta Baddha Konasana 1: with straight legs

→ Supta Baddha Konasana 2: with butterfly legs

Supported Child's Pose:

→ Salamba Balasana 1: with chair, bolster and blocks 

→ Salamba Balasana 2: with bolster and blocks on the floor

2. Restorative Back-Bending  Asana

Bridge Pose:

→ Setu Bhanda Sarvangasana 1: with one bolster

→ Setu Bhanda Sarvangasana 2: with two bolster or blocks under the feet

→ Setu Bhanda Sarvangasana 3: with blocks under the sacrum

Hero Pose:

→ Supta Virasana 1: with one bolster and blanket under head

→ Supta Virasana 2: with inclined bolster

Upward Baw Pose:

→ Samaba Urdhva Dhanurasana 1: With blankets only

→ Samaba Urdhva Dhanurasana 2: with bolsters

→ Samaba Urdhva Dhanurasana 3: with bolsters and blocks for the hands on the back of the head

3. Restorative Forward-Bending Asana

→ 1. Seated Forward Bend

→ 2. Paschimottanasana 1

→ Paschimottanasana 2: with chair

→ 3. Head to Knee Pose

→ 4. Janhu Shirshasana 1

→ Janhu Shirshasana 2

→ 5. Simple Seated Posture

→ 6. Dandasana

4. Standing Forward Bend

1. Supported Standing Forward Bend

→ Salamba Uttasana 1+2: with blocks and chair

2. Wide Stance Forward Bend 

→ Prasarita Padottanasana

3. Supported Downward-Facing Dog Pose

→ Salamba Adho Mukha Svanasana 1: with block

→ Salamba Adho Mukha Svanasana 2: with chair

5. Restorative Hip-opening Asana

1. Supported Pigeon

→ Eka Pada Raj Kapotanasana

2. Supported Seated Wide-Angle Pose

→ Upavista Konasana

3. Supported Cobbler's Pose

→ Baddha Konasana 1: seated

→ Baddha Konasana 2: far-ward band

6. Restorative Passive Inversion Asana: head below the heart 

1. Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose

→ Viparita Karani 1: straight legs on the wall with belt

→ Viparita Karani 2: straight leg on the wall with bolster

2. Inverted  Supported Seated Wide-Angle Pose

→ Upavista Konasana 1 : Legs  On The Wall

→ Upavista Konasana 2: Butterfly Legs On The Wall Variation

3. Supported  Shoulderstand

→ Salamba Sarvangasana 1: with bolster

→ Salamba Sarvangasana 2: with block

→ Salamba Sarvangasana 3: with wall

7. Twisting Restorative Asana 

1. Supported Spinal On The Side Twist: with bolster on the side 

→ Supported Spinal Twist Supine: with bolster and blankets

8. Special Asana you can teach with the use of a chair to follow restorative principal in your classes

1. Easy Twist On a Chair

2. Chair Balasana

3. Chair Tree Pose

9. Relaxations Restorative Asana: head level with the heart

1. Reclined Big Toe Pose

2. Supta Padangustasasana 1

→ Supta Padangustasasana 2

→ Supta Padangustasasana 3

Corpse Pose

3. Shavasana 1

4. Shavasana 2

5. Shavasana 3

6. Shavasana 4

7. Shavasana 5

→ Side-Lying Stretch 1: with blanket under the head and 2 bolsters

→ Side-Lying Stretch 2: with extended arms above the head 1 bolster

→ Surfboard Pose

→ Fish Pose Special Variation

Section D

Teaching Tips 

1. Helpful Words and Phrases to Use While Student are Resting in Restorative Asana

→ List of words

→ Time for silence

→ When to make a list of benefits?

2. 1 Hour Restorative Yoga Practice

3. Personal Diary for Your Practice  

→ What Asana did you find difficult?

→ What Asana did you enjoy the most?

→ What Asana you felt best for you?

→ How your mind reacts to the longer holding time?

→ General Impression after the practice

4. How to deal with Emotions in Restorative Yoga?  

→ Ensure your students of what is very common to happen in the Restorative class

→ Explain the reason emotions are released

→ How to handle your student emotions?

5. How to Teach: 

→ Tone of voice

→ How to demo: live and on-line?

→ How to be present in the space with your student live and on-line

→ Preparing to teach: make details plan

→ Understanding your student live and on-line

6. How to Correct: 

→ Physical alignment

→ Energetics alignment

→ Verbal correction first

→ Touching students with consciousness

7. How to Teach Them to Move Props by Their Own? 

→ Verbal guidance and mirroring

Section E

Structuring Your Classes

 1. A Practice for Every Body Type 

Best Way to Handle

→ Healthy and active student

→ Stress and hypertensive student

→ Student with specific conditions

→ Anxiety student

→ Student with difficulties in how to use props

→ Student recovering from illness

→ Two hours full restorative practice for depression

 2. Restorative Yoga for  Busy Lives 

→ Teach basic relaxation pose to your student for daily life

→ Teach how to be there in the moment

→ The importance of slow dawn even for a short time

→ Reeducate your student into the art of doing nothing

→ Teach how to seat in a proper way

→ Teach how to stand in a proper way

 3. Restorative Yoga for Teachers

→ Why teachers do need Restorative Yoga

→ Importance of self-practice in order to teach it properly

 4. Structuring Your Restorative Yoga Class

→ Better way to start

→ How to sequence: set the goal of the class

→ How to sequence: no stress sequences

→ How to sequence: no need to cover all postures Asana

→ How to set the time for each pose: brain waves Beta

→ Best way to close the class

 5. How to Add a Restorative Yoga Classes in Your Week

→ Best time and day for restorative class

→ How to promote Restorative Yoga?

→ How to price Restorative Yoga class?

→ Restorative Yoga for special Sundays events: live and on-line

 6. Restorative Yoga Online Classes

→ Why go on-line with Restorative Yoga: positive and negative points of view

→ Tips from the teacher for on-line classes

→ Create your own video for your on-line students with basics indication and home props

→ Teach to your on-line student how to set up the space, light, music, turn off devices and how to dress.

 7. Create Your Restorative Weekly Plan

→ How to create an effectively practice routine in your week?

→ How to teach your student to have an effectively practice routine and be constant?

 8. Common Question From Your Students and How to Answer

→ When should I practice?

→ How long should I practice because I don’t have time

→ Where do I begin?

→ I don’t have space in my house

→ What should I wear?

→ Can I have food before Restorative Yoga?

→ Is there any danger if I do it wrong?

→ What should I do if I experiment pain in the pose?

→ How can I keep the time?

→ How can I help myself to be more concentrate?

→ Can I use the timer in the phone?

→ How should I breath?

 9. General Caution for the Practice

→ Tips from Lucia to teach safe and relaxed

Section F

 Specific Sequences

 Ready to teach sequences with holding time for each asana and pictures

 1. Stress and anxiety sequence

 2. Depression and fatigue short sequence

 3. Depression and fatigue long sequence

 4. Migraine and headaches sequence

 5. Sequence for PMS

 6. Sequence to adjust menstrual cycles

 7. Relax and distress sequence

 8. Lower back rigidity sequence

 9. Sequence to increase lungs capacity and improve concentration

 10. Special restorative webinar On-line: a full outline 

Lucia Seglie

Course Instructor,

Lucia Seglie

(ERYT 500, RPYT 500 & YACEP with 6000 hours of teaching experience)

Lucia Seglie is an experienced Restorative Yoga teacher and a successful yoga entrepreneur. She started her yoga journey in India with traditional teachers. During her 10 years of teaching career, she has worked with various anatomy and physiology experts and has developed unique teaching, adjustment, and modification techniques.

Lucia runs successful yoga studios in Italy and guides many teams of yoga teachers. She has taught Restorative Yoga for more than five years. Lucia will be available to answer your questions or doubts during and after the course.

YACEP Yoga Alliance
E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance
RPYT Yoga Alliance

Worldwide accredited certification

With our certificate, you can teach Restorative Yoga worldwide. Our online Restorative Yoga Teacher Training course is accredited with the International Yoga Association, International Yoga Federation and The CRKBO (The Netherlands). It is also accredited with Yoga Alliance for up to 75 CEU (Continuing Education Units).

Restorative Yoga Certification
Yoga Alliance
International Yoga Association
International Yoga Federation

Good News!

The online teaching exemption from Yoga Alliance has been extended through December 31, 2023. All continued education courses (YACEP) with Arhanta Online Academy therefore are counted toward contact hours and can be used toward the Continuing Education (CE) teaching hours requirement for all RYTs.

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You will be getting a refined course developed by Lucia Seglie with her teaching experience of 10 years. With the selected plan, you will have lifetime access to all materials, updates and have unlimited teacher support as per your chosen plan. After completing the course you can professionally start teaching Restorative Yoga worldwide.

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  • Access to Regular Updates



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  • 75-hour training
  • 96 videos
  • 100+ images of asanas
  • 276 pages manual
  • Downloadable resources
  • 10 sequences 
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime Course Access
  • Lifetime Teacher Support
  • Access to Regular Updates



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Fitness Teacher

"Very affordable and  complete course. I highly recommend the course if you want to teach Restorative Yoga live or on-line. Lucia will teach you how to be the best on both occasions."


Yoga Therapist

"Lucia is a great teacher. I learn so much from her. The course is very complete and clear. The course manual is a full support to start straight away to open your new classes."


Yoga Teacher

"Amazing value! I recovered the whole cost of this course already with my first webinar of Restorative Yoga Sunday practice."

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