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Fascia Yoga Teacher Training

50-hour Fascia Yoga Teacher Training Certification

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Fascia Yoga Teacher Training

Do you experience a lack of know-how of the most up-to-date science behind yoga practice? Have you ever felt unprepared to teach students with injuries or physical challenges?

Fascia and it's significant role in movement and health is transforming movement and manual therapies. Not only is there a lack of information on fascia and myofascial release, but most of what is taught about fascia in traditional anatomy (if any) is outdated. Research into fascia is revealing a whole new context for understanding the human body both at rest and in motion. Fascia and myofascial release are groundbreaking discoveries that revolutionize how we teach and practice all aspects of yoga, to maximize the difference we can make to others.

Online Fascia Yoga Teacher Training

What you will get

You will get exclusive course materials that have been developed through years of teaching experience. Our online Fascia Yoga Certification course gives you unlimited access to:

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Who is this training for

Are you a teacher who wants to learn to apply the secrets of fascia & myofascial release in your yoga classes? Keep reading!

This unique course is specially designed to help yoga teachers learn how to apply the science of fascia in movement and stillness in a yoga session. Complete the course at your own pace and become confident to apply this revolutionary knowledge to your classes to safely and effectively improve mobility of your students.

In the Fascia Yoga Teacher Training course with Joanne Avison, you will understand how fascia moves and how fascia moves us. Fascia is much more than most people think it is. It is intelligent, it is intuitive, and it is highly efficient.

Fascia Yoga Teacher Training Course

What will you learn

Here is an overview of what you will learn in this 50-hour Fascia Yoga Teacher Training course:

  • Understand fascia and myofascial release
  • How to apply anatomy-in-practice, fascia-in-practice on the mat 
  • Learn to apply step-by-step progressive principles for optimizing fascia in movement and form
  • Identify fascia-body-types and learn to design optimum practices for individuals
  •  The powerful 'elastic breath' practice
  •  Understanding 'The fascial spine' 
  • Common myofascial principles behind every yoga style
  • Learn the biotensegrity basics that redefine bio-mechanical rules for ease of motion
  • Understand elastic recoil and why it is essential to myofascial release in yoga

Here’s what people are saying about the course


Fitness Instructor

"This course is a must for any movement educator, body worker and yoga teacher! Joanne has the rare gift to turn sometimes boring and sometimes complex theory into a practical experience. The course is packed with images, stories and movement explorations and is accessible to anyone with an open mind."



"The Fascia Yoga course provides knowledge and skills that are essential in any yoga teacher’s tool kit. The training with Joanne updated my idea of anatomy and movement in such a way that after 12 years of teaching I see things with fresh eyes. I am eternally grateful to Jo for her skill in sharing her life’s work with me and others. I can’t wait to learn more from her."


Yoga Teacher

"Joanne is a unique teacher with a gift to translate complex ideas and theories of human anatomy and movement; transforming them into jewels of realization that will profoundly enrich how you see, feel, move, and teach yoga!"

Exclusive Podcast with Fascia

Discover fascia’s amazing role in yoga

Get free access to an exclusive podcast with fascia anatomy expert Joanne Avison

What’s inside the course

The course is comprised of eight modules consisting of a variety of lessons. Each lesson includes comprehensive notes, practical demonstrations, guided practices, audio bonuses, and presentations.

Commonly known tools and props for myofascial release, such as balls, are incorporated at one stage during the course. However, those props are just the tip of the iceberg of understanding fascia and applying myofascial release in your practice. This course will show you the applied science behind fascia and myofascial release. Props can be helpful, but yoga in itself is one of the most powerful tools to manipulate and improve the functioning of the fascia matrix. You’ll learn how to appropriately work with rather than against this essential fabric of the body (fascia). You’ll understand yours and your students’ body/ fascia type, and how to tailor yoga practices accordingly for every type of class or student.



In this module you will learn why the fascial matrix is so much more than myofascia and myofascial release. We uncover what it is, how it was missed in western history and provide the code to unlock the first of eight best kept secrets. A foundation of fascia fundamentals to build the course upon. Then we put it into practice.



In this module, you will learn how classical biomechanics only tells half the story. We discover how fascia is the 'whole' body architecture and why that makes perfect sense of yogic principles. Ida/Pingala/Sushumna provide the second secret to unlock natural movement and living tensegrity. Then we put that into practice.



With Principles one and two in place, you will have a foundation and a fun assignment. Then we begin with the first step to fascia mastery, through the breath. We unlock the secret of folding and the figure eight breath. You can add this practice, to your existing pranayama techniques.



Once the first three principles are in place, we unlock the secrets we all hold within, discovering that we were all embryos and we self-assembled into the bodies we have now. We did that via the fascial matrix – including the myofascia. We consider the heart fascia and this principle unlocks the awareness behind the practices – whatever your style of yoga. You now have half the combination lock and another fun assignment to put it into practice as a growing skill. You are halfway to mastering a real takeaway skill set.


Module 5 : The Fascial Spine

This module makes sense of how the spine works and governs all our movements. We take you step-by-step through how we can see it as an instrument and how to “tune it” safely in any yoga asana. The secret of the spine from embryo to elder is put into practice, preparing the next step in your journey to mastery.


Module 6: The Fascial Limbs

This module unlocks the relationships of the hands and feet to the spine and the secrets of finding ground control; whatever yoga asana or style you practice. You are nearly there in your journey to fascia mastery as we begin to weave all these principles together and into practice.


Module 7: The Elastic Body

When all the principles come together, the result is natural elastic recoil – a “spring in our step”. It is free energy and one of the many reasons why a sound and safe yoga practice is such an asset. This is the class we put into practice to see how each step leads to mastery, from speed to stillness. In principle eight we consider the subtle practices.


Module 8: The Subtle Body

Having completed the eight secrets of fascia mastery, in this final module, we can apply them all in a subtle body practice. Consider each one as a key in a combination lock – and this principle opens the door. Integrated by your completed assignments, you have your own unique resource to create fun, integrated, safely fascia-informed classes, whatever your style of yoga. This will optimize the value and sustainable impact of your classes for your participants and give you confidence and clarity in designing and delivering your yoga offerings. 

Joanne Avison

Course Instructor,

Joanne Avison

Joanne Avison, author, advanced yoga teacher and yoga therapist (C-IAYT) is also a manual practitioner/teacher in structural Integration; her masters’ degree is in Spiritual Sciences. Joanne, author of YOGA: Fascia, Anatomy and Movement (Handspring 2015), teaches ABC (Anatomy Basic Course) bringing anatomy to life. Making sense of fascia can transform teaching and learning experiences in movement and manual therapies. Joanne’s unique presentations distinguish our innate “bio-motional intelligence”.

Honoring new fascia research and the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry, Joanne shows how body, mind, and being remain entirely unique and interconnected, inside and out. From considerable experience in the anatomy dissection laboratory, Joanne is able to make sense, for teachers and practitioners, of how our own bodies are unique instruments, that we can tune and optimize, in our own archetypal ways.

Focusing on Myofascia Training for yoga teachers, Joanne asks “How can we help ourselves to live, breathe and move better, in harmony with nature given our own nature?” This course looks at how we can explore who and what we already are, to bring even more clarity and confidence to our teaching.

YACEP Yoga Alliance
E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance

Worldwide accredited certification

Our online Fascia Yoga Training course for yoga teachers is accredited with the CRKBO, International Yoga Association and Yoga Alliance for up to 50 CEU (Continuing Education Units).

50 Hour Fascia Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Alliance
International Yoga Association
International Yoga Federation

Good News!

The online teaching exemption from Yoga Alliance has been extended through December 31, 2023. All continued education courses (YACEP) with Arhanta Online Academy therefore are counted toward contact hours and can be used toward the Continuing Education (CE) teaching hours requirement for all RYTs.

Your Investment

You will be training with the author of ‘Yoga, Fascia, Anatomy and Movement’, a ground-breaking book, now in its 2nd edition, that is an essential reading requirement on many yoga teacher training courses. Joanne Avison is one of the world’s leading protagonists in the field of fascia and human movement; coupled with 25 years of yoga teaching, this course brings you the essential keystones of her experience and expertise, to help your clients move better.

Pricing Plan


Pay less, complete the course in 1 month

  • 50 hours training
  • 53 videos
  •  PDF manual
  • 7 quizzes & 4 assignments
  • Downloadable resources
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 1 Month Course Access
  • 1 Month Teacher Support
  • Access to Regular Updates



Complete the course when you want

  • 50 hours training
  • 53 videos
  •  PDF manual
  • 7 quizzes & 4 assignments
  • Downloadable resources
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime Course Access
  • Lifetime Teacher Support
  • Access to Regular Updates



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This means you can try up to 25% of the course within 30 days & if you decide it is not right for you just send us an email before the end of the 30th day and get a prompt full refund, guaranteed!

Read what past students have to say about this course


Yoga Instructor

"Very affordable price for such a good course. Joanne is such a great teacher. I consider myself lucky for having had the opportunity to learn from her!"


Yoga Teacher

"High-quality course and well presented. I am so glad I bought it. I highly recommend it for all yoga teachers of every style. It has changed my view on yoga and anatomy drastically!"


Yoga Teacher

"Whether you are an expert in the medical or intellectual field or coming from a pure movement background, you'll find this an absolutely fantastic course, worth every cent!"

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to learn about the fascia?

Fascia is connective tissue – with multiple roles and expressions in the living body. It defines the shape you are in and that of your clients. It is everywhere in the living body and, once understood, allows you to recognize your client's motion patterns more easily. Fascia plays a major role in proprioception, self-regulation and balance. It also explains the keystones of any practice in terms of intelligent motion and sensory awareness, so you can meet and match your clients where they are – while they learn from you. Optimising their performance means safer practice and compliance to enhance and enjoy the ability to move better.

Do I need to do the course in the order it is presented, or can I skip around?

Fascia mastery for yoga teachers has been designed to build upon the history of anatomy and how the fascia was missed and misunderstood, then redefining how we describe the tissues of the human body. The course then goes into how those tissues move, inclusive of the fascia and the latest research into its forms and functions. All this is closely woven into yoga practice on the mat, so you can experience it for yourself. It is highly recommended therefore that (at least for the first time through the principles) you undertake each one in order of presentation, to ensure the logic is followed and builds in progressive stages to support the strong foundation of your learning experience.

What props do I need?

Can I do this course without previous education?

Yes. We designed this course to be available as a stand-alone education in this style. If you want to teach, a 200-hour yoga teacher training course in any other style (preferably Hatha Yoga) is recommended. A 200-hour course will help you have the foundational knowledge of asanas, give more teaching confidence, and a wide range of general yoga knowledge.

This course specifically focuses only on in-depth knowledge to teach this style of yoga professionally. For this reason, these shorter courses are sometimes called continuing education. If you want to teach this style of yoga only, this course is perfectly suitable.

Do I need to know a lot of anatomy to do this course?

You do not need to know any anatomy to do and enjoy this course. It will help you see how classical anatomy (of bits) and more contemporary anatomy of meridians (bands) doesn’t explain connected anatomy of (living) bodies. We are already whole, complete and connected; to ourselves and each other. Fascia mastery explains how, why and what we need to know to make the most of that information to enhance our teaching – whatever style we practice.

Do I need to do the practical aspects?

Fascia mastery invites you as a teacher to learn and listen (from the visual and audio presentations) and also to listen to your own experience. As such, there are practical invitations with assignments and suggestions for you to take into your own practice. This enables you to build a vocabulary of new language and experiences to make sense of the principles for yourself and adapt them to your teaching style.

Do I need to change my yoga style or is there a preferred “Fascia Yoga” way?

Fascia mastery forms the common denominator foundations of living human motions and the “soft matter architecture” in which we do that. From embryo to elder, we live and learn in our bodies. Whatever your style and whatever shape you are in you can appreciate the fascia that you animate, that in turn shapes you. Whatever age and stage of fitness your clients find themselves, your understanding will deepen your sense of appropriate styles to best serve their needs. Everyone is “built” of fascia and this course shows how that is known and how you can optimise that knowledge, irrespective of your teaching style.

Do I need a lot of books (anatomy, physiology, embryology etc) to study this course?

Fascia mastery is self-contained, accessible, presented in clear stages and easy to understand and participate in.  A great deal of the course invites you to experience and note your own experiences to find out how your body already “speaks fascia” in terms of your natural movements and forms when you are doing yoga on the mat. The course brings fluency and translation of movement. While you are invited to study further if you wish, the emphasis is on the practical exploration of living anatomy (for you) rather than on book study or academic rote learning.

Read more reviews

A fabulous immersion in the universe of fascias !!!

Thanks Joanne for this course and to share your knowledge and passion about the fascias ! It's a way to move, to feel and understand better your body in motion ... 🙂

by Celine Fayard

Take your personal practice and your teaching to the next level!

The breadth of information I have learned in a succinct and beautiful way have forever changed my own practice and my teaching for the better. Joanne Avison has found the language to explain the feelings in the body that come from a dedicated practice, and a way to move with greater ease, leaving you feeling "lighter" and "freer". It's lovely, thoughtful, and inspiring.

by Annamarie Lindstrom

Innate Knowledge comes to Life! See yourSELF in a new Light, feels like Being "born again" :).

I love everything about this course! It has completely exceeded my expectations, from the well thought out and collected structured lessons, to the way Ms. Joanne Avison so engagingly presents her teachings. I feel blessed to have come across this training, and it's great to be able to express my innate knowledge/feelings of Who IAM in proper words. Many thanks to Ms Avison and her great Team!

by Felicia Karrasch

Great !

The courses are really clear, Joanne takes time to explain and repeat the informations. I learned a lot during these courses about Fascia. Also the organization of how the classes are presented and the validation of each chapter is super well done. If there is any questions or problems, we have quick responds and help. Thank you Joanne and Helene for these wonderful classes and support.

by Emilie Jacomet

Excellent Course

Excellent course, I loved every moment even though the practice was tough at times. My practice and teaching have transformed and I have seen instant success!

by Bekky

I Learned So Much Of This Course!

I learned so much of this course! So far there's a lot of great promise to the course I am eager to see more

by Sophie

Love The Classes

Love the classes, both the practical and discussions were awesome. Learning so much and getting deeper insights. Thank you so much.

by Annelien

Awesome Course!

Awesome course! I learned so so much for myself and for my students! great job and also very inspiring.

by Pamela

Amazing Teaching!

Amazing teaching! Gained a lot of new knowledge, insight and deepened my own practice. I would recommend this Fascia Yoga course to all. Thank you

by Wendel

A wonderful experience

I'm so so happy I decided to take this online teacher training. I am impressed with the knowledge of Kalyani and Ram. It was a great pleasure to hear their lectures and to participate in the asana practices. I'm very grateful. Thank you!

by Magdalena

Quality learning

Very Happy with the course ... so much useful knowledge and precise sayings. Thanks for this.

by Khadija

Thank You & Fully Recommend This Course

A great professional online course for deepening & understanding knowledge of Fascia Yoga ; to be able to teach it effectively. Ram is a fabulous teacher & makes the lessons easy to understand.

by Aruna


This is the most professional online-course I have come across so far. Very structured, helpful and knowledgeable. I truly learned a lot and am so grateful!

by Eva

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