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Holistic nutritionist certification

Holistic Nutrition Coach Certification

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Learn all you need to know about holistic  nutrition and plant-based vegan nutrition coaching.

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Why Become A Holistic Nutrition Coach?

Level-up your skills and learn all the important elements of holistic nutrition with this extensive and comprehensive online course. Learn about plant based vegan nutrition based on cutting edge scientific information and master the skill to coach your clients towards healthy lifestyle.
After completing this course, you will have solid skills to create a proven strategy for helping your clients achieve a healthy lifestyle throughout a personalized way of eating.

Become Plant-based vegan holistic nutrition coach

What will you learn

Here is an overview of what will you learn in this plant based, vegan and holistic nutrition coach course:

  • The macrobiotic logic of nutrition
  • Understanding of the human digestive system
  • Understanding of the human microbiome, its functions and influence on our health
  • Understanding of the human energy system and metabolism
  • Role of protein, fat, carbohydrate in human diet and health
  • Impact of alcohol on our health and diet
  • Vitamins and minerals consumption for a healthy diet
  • The importance and intricacies of hydration
  • Food supplements for a healthy life and sport nutrition
  • Benefits of fermented food and how to prepare them
  • Ideal nutrition for weight loss, muscle gain, endurance, and yoga
  • The impact of breathing on nutrition and how to improve it
  • Juices and smoothies for a balanced nutrition intake
  • Motivational interviewing and coaching techniques
  • All about setting up holistic nutrition coaching
  • Real life case studies

Benefits of Our Online Training


Added flexibility and self paced learning

With an online course you can learn at your own convenience. You can also make your own schedule. You can complete the course conveniently because there is no minimum or maximum time constraint.


Watch it as many times as you want

This is a unique benefit of online learning. You can re-watch the videos as many times you want that too at different speeds. This helps you to understand the concepts much better.


Unlimited personal support

Our online course comes with unlimited teacher support. So you can contact the teacher as frequently as you need and ask questions even after you have completed the course.


Lifelong access

It is natural to forget things with time. Online course provides lifelong access so you can always login back and review the concepts at anytime.


Lower costs

You save a lot with an online course. Online courses are more cost-efffective and you also save money for traveling, lodging and eating out. 

What makes Arhanta Different?

Our Philosophy - Authenticity

At Arhanta we bring you a rich heritage of five generations. We believe that actual yoga is practiced 20% on the mat and 80% off the mat in your daily life.

Our Knowledge - Excellence

We are traditional but we are not restricted by our traditions. We are constantly learning modern science based anatomy, physiology and new developments in field of fitness and exercise. So you can be assured of getting proven and accurate knowledge meeting highest standards.

Our Commitment - Integrity

We are committed to the success of our students & community. We provide lifelong support, not only during the course but also anytime after you have completed the course. We go out of our way to help you to reach your goals.

Our Professionalism - High Standards

We are passionate about doing our job to the best of our capabilities. At Arhanta you can be assured of highest professional standards in trainings, communication & support. 

Who is this course for?

  • Yoga teachers  
  • Sport coaches 
  • Personal trainers
  • People who want to teach workshops about healthy lifestyle
  • Wellness therapists and practitioners
  • Dieticians and nutritionists
  • Health and fitness enthusiasts
  • Plant based, vegan or vegetarians nutrition enthusiasts

What is Included

See what will you get in our Holistic Nutrition Coach training program

You will follow the course at our latest online learning platform. The course follows the same structure as our in-person training with Michal in Italy. The classes are structured so that it stays interesting and engaging. The course is divided into 7 sections. Each section has a series of classes.

Class recordings

You will get engaging videos in which the teacher will explain you all the concepts in detail.

Printable Notes

There are corresponding printable notes included with each chapter, so you can follow the lesson with ease.

Discussion group

The discussion group helps you to contact your peer students and ask any questions.

Practical assignments

There are various practical assignments to help you understand whatever is explained in the classes.


Each chapter ends with multiple choice quizzes. These quizzes will help you to check if you understood the lessons properly.

what Students are saying



"I find that Michal is a very professional teacher with an incredible knowledge in the subject of nutrition. His classes are clear and enlightening. 

I am very happy to have chosen this course because I am improving my life, and I feel that I am finally learning to follow a healthy life. Highly recommended."


The Netherlands

"The course is very well done, the manual is very complete and helped me to learn the more technical concepts.

I am very happy to have chosen this course because I was able to study at my own pace and learn through the exercises present to become a confident as a coach. 

I immediately offered my students Nutritional Coaching sessions as an additional service and the response is very exciting."



"High-quality course and very well presented. I am so glad I bought it. I recommend it if you want to become a nutritional coach.

The section that explains how to structure and manage this new business is excellent. I am a personal trainer and this course is just what I was looking for to increase my knowledge and handle the increasing demand for nutrition coaching."

What’s inside the course

Click to see what will you learn:

Section A – Anthropology and Ancient Medicine


→ Foreword

→ What is a nutrition coach

→ Meet your teacher

→ Why have I created this course

→ What is your role as a nutrition coach

→ Different figures within the nutrition world

→ What can your business look like

The science behind the course

→ Sources and facts of information

→ Health and wellness

→ The basic food pyramids

→ Why plant-based nutrition


→ The science of life

→ Doshas – the three basic energy types

→ How should Ayurveda be used


→ An inspirational approach from Chinese medicine

→ Yin and Yang in diet


→ Evolution of the human species through food

→ Distraction, danger, sleep, and cravings

→ Geographical food preferences and cultural predispositions

Section B – Human digestive system and nutritional science

The digestive system

→ The digestive organs

→ The digestive enzymes

→ Hormones and their function

→ Digestive processes

Gut health, microbiome and Immune system

→ What is microbiome and how do you take care of it

→ Food that disrupts gut health and common gut issues

→ The immune system and its connection to health

Energy balance and metabolism

→ Energy balance

→ The energy cycle and metabolism

→ Energy systems

→ Carbohydrate, fat, and protein

→ Using energy


→ Amino acids

→ Food sources of protein


→ Sugar and glycemic index

→ Insulin

→ Carbohydrate types and sources


→ Lipids division and where to find them

→ Fat function in human body

→ Omega 3s and 6s

→ Fat types for health


→ Digestion of alcohol

→ Impact of alcohol on diet and performance

→ Dietary guidelines and alcohol


→ Micronutrients defined – vitamins and minerals

→ Vitamins – intake, importance, and sources

→ Minerals – intake, importance, and sources


→ Hydration explained

→ Calculating sweat loss volume SLV

→ Hydration strategies

Nutrient timing

→ Nutrient storage

→ Meal strategies for endurance athlete

→ Meal strategy for a strength training athlete

→ Carbohydrate timing strategies


→ Supplement types

→ Evaluating the supplement selection

→ Micronutrient supplements

→ Weight – loss supplements

→ Muscle growth enhancers

→ Superfoods

→ Other supplements

Section C – Holistic Nutrition Elements

Fermented foods

→ Fermentation

→ Stanford study on fermented food and high fiber food conclusion

→ Preparing basic fermented foods

How food affects our mental and physical health

→ How does food affect inflammation and sleep

→ Concentration, mental health, stress, and anxiety

→ Longevity and general wellbeing

Introduction to common (fashionable) diets

→ Their meeting point and consequences

→ The paleo diet

→ Low carb diet

→ Ketogenic diet

→ Mediterranean diet

→ Fasting, TRE or intermittent fasting

→ The low calorie diet

What’s best to eat when

→ Building muscle

→ Diet for endurance event training

→ Diet for yoga or flexibility Enhancement Practices

→ Diet for illness or injury

Understanding the constitution

→ Ayurveda

→ The Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph questionary + test

→ Psychological type or “constitution” – link to test

Understanding your food habits

→ Habits

→ Journaling, reflecting, and identifying habits

→ Making changes

→ Establishing new habits

→ Burning bad habits

Burning bad habits

→ Creating lasting change


→ The importance of breath

→ Nose and mouth breathing

→ Breathing exercises

→ Sleeping with a Patch


Sleep quality

→ How do you sleep?

→ The relationship between food and sleep

→ Improving your sleep

Exercise and yoga

→ What is your lifestyle

→ Why should we exercise

→ Why yoga is the most important solution

→ How should we exercise

→ Strategies for getting in shape

Juicing and smoothies

→ Juicing 

→ Smoothie’s important elements and basic combinations

Section D – Communication, coaching and their practical implications

The Psychology of weight control and behavioral change

→ The science

→The psychology of change - the transtheoretical model of change

→ Body image and low self-esteem

→ Weight loss for different types of people

→ Eating disorders

Communication in coaching

→ The basics of communication

→ Non-verbal communication – guide

→ Verbal communication

→ Written communication

→ Active listening

→ Building rapport 

→ How to discuss sensitive topics

Motivational interviewing

Coaching style

→ The triade – a potent tool for mental rehearsal

→ The strategies of Motivational interviewing

The techniques for Motivational Interviewing

Goal setting

→ Defining goals – which work, and which doesn’t

→ The strategy for setting the right goal

Business model for Nutrition coach

→ Structuring client sessions

→ One on one

→Small group model

→ Contest model

→ B to B – Corporate model

→ On-line coaching

→ Recommendations and advice on how to succeed

Food labels and portion size


→ Nutrition facts – unpacked

→ On the label

→ Supplements

Portion size - introduction

→ Portion size guide

The real world challenge

→ Traveling

Grocery shopping

→ Organization – pantry

→ Organization – fridge

→ Organization – freezer

→ Organization – kitchen

→ Cooking processes optimization and how to enjoy it

→ Eating out

→ Fiestas and celebrations

Final summary

→ Nutrition programming strategy

→Weight loss

→ Muscle and weight gain

→ Body re-composition

→ Improve performance in sport

→ Determine the total daily energy expenditure TDEE

→ Set the macronutrient target

→ Converting the numbers into real life

→ Monitor, evaluate, receive, and give feedback

→ Adjust and continue

Case studies

→ Tommaso – Plant-based bodybuilding

→ Anna – successful businesswoman – healthier lifestyle

→ Giulia – weight-loss with vegan diet


→ Community questionnaire

→ Digestion questionnaire

→ Food and drink questionnaire

→ Environment questionnaire

→ Sleep questionnaire

→ Stress and relaxation questionnaire

→ Self- improvement agreement

→ Final exam

Michal Durak

Meet Your Instructor,

Michal Durak

(Certified NASM Nutrition coach, RYT & YACEP)

Michal Durak is a renowned Holistic Nutrition Coach and Founder of ZOI Organic
Vegetarian-Vegan Restaurant and ZOI Cooking School
. During his 20+ years of experience in the health food industry, he has developed an unique knowledge of healthy lifestyle and holistic nutrition. He has created a special program with the aim to lead people towards a healthy nutrition and magnificent lifestyle.
For the last 10 years, Michal is successfully guiding people to learn about better nutrition and modify their eating habits in his courses, classes and coaching sessions.

YACEP Yoga Alliance

Worldwide accredited certification

With our certificate you can coach Nutrition worldwide. Our online Nutritional Coach Training course is fully accredited with Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Association, International Yoga Federation and The CRKBO (The Netherlands). If you are a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, you can also get 50 CEU (Continuing Education Units).

Holistic Nutrition Coach Certificate
Yoga Alliance
International Yoga Association
International Yoga Federation

Your Investment

You will be getting a refined course developed by Michal Durak with his 20 years of experience knowledge.
With a selected plan, you will have lifetime access to all materials, updates and have unlimited teacher support as per your chosen plan. After completing the course, you can professionally start providing Holistic Nutrition Coaching sessions worldwide.

Pricing Plan


Pay less, complete the course in 1 month

  • 50 hours training
  • 159 videos
  • Downloadable resources
  • 346 Pages Manual
  • 11 ready to use questionnaires
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 1 Month to Complete
  • 1 Month Access & Teacher Support
  • Access to Regular Updates



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  • 50 hours training
  • 159 videos